Delphi: «safe, green and connected»

Delphi carThe plant in Blonay is one of the most modern factories Delphi in the world, was built literally in the field several years ago. Although the company has been working here since 1998, the production site, in question, is opened in 2012. In Blonay components of fuel systems mainly for gasoline engines are producing: submersible fuel pumps, air valves, valve timing control system, the lambda probes.

The plant in Blonay is mostly assembly plant. Directly on factory plastic components fuel modules are produced, and some coming components from the suppliers are given to finishing metalworking. The reason for this specific division of labor between parts suppliers and Delphi is that contractors often do not get the final size of the part. Delphi engineers dimensions of the workpiece, and here it is brought to the desired size with micron accuracy.