Hyundai Elantra Offers Fewer Curves, but a Better Ride

ElantraToday’s fiercely competitive automotive world simply getting a buyer’s attention is tough. 6 years ago Hyundai Elantra figured a 10 year warranty wasn’t enough and adapted daring design via mantra getting the sweeping his lines of the bunch. The gamble now and it’s holding those curves down meet the new more mature 2070 model now of course you’re going across shot because intelligent people always do that means you’re probably looking at cars like civic cruise corolla Mazda 3 focus Jatta Sentra so many cars in this segment. And many have grown up like corolla and civic the EPA classifies a wondrous cabin volume as a mid size of that’s about as large as a BMW 3 series . Materials look and feel good in class don’t.

Expect soft materials everywhere this limited model that will set you back about 27700 has stuff found only on luxury cars 10 years ago including blind spot warning and adaptive cruise control also this’ll watchers equipped with auto braking system that detects pedestrians and some of you have written to ask why I don’t demonstrate that well I invite you to come and stand in front of the car. Right after you signed the release form 2004 Hyundai Elantra headlight. As for driving dynamics . But engineers have done an awful lot to improve the ride quality it’s very comfortable not sporty like monster 3 and maybe Honda civics but nicely done body movements are very well controlled the outgoing car’s steering rack was the very inspiration for Nova Kaine this one offers feedback.

Here is what makes it go a 147 horsepower 2 liter 4 cylinder. If Connecting it to the front wheels is a 6 speed gearbox with manual mode and just not up here on the steering wheel . Set the steering weight and throttle response to see your movie. Eager to hit 60 miles an hour. That will take about 8 seconds brisk at best. The outgoing model if I were talking here about road noise or anything really I’d have to yes. The new generation is much quieter.

Half the structure is stamped out of high strength steel some 390 feet of it he says difference and further yes folks it’s blue and what to do and that’s a good thing for better fuel efficiency a lot of modern automatic transmissions are reluctant to kick down into a lower here on the lan tribe. Happy to do it it a week of driving I averaged about 32 miles from each gallon of gas. It’s worth noting that visibility is decent and that android auto and apple CarPlay are available also the lane keeping assist system is well executed memory suits. Nice, So are lots of storage cubbies the sun visors are well thought out and a launcher is available with approximately trunk release that opens automatically.

If you just stand next to it for a few seconds. Space is not an issue back here to adults will be perfectly comfortable 3 will be OK Skinny hall car seats it out often wide opening doors cooperate I’m not sure why Hyundai couldn’t put a pocket on the driver’s chair or throw in a power port. I recently tested the new Honda civic that easily swallow 6 packs of this stuff. Practically cut the suspense with at night catches. Yes the seats near the US yes there is a spare and yes the trunk is very large my practical real world test it matches the Honda and 6 packs when the hinge arms do not pitch the cargo. These crisp lines appear more elegant and upscale than the outgoing car something the larger sonata didn’t quite pull off as well. It may be less emotional to the I now but the new l’actrice comfort and refinement. Is worth the shoppers attention in this crowded segment.