LED Headlight Bulb Install H4

Alright I mean so in these LED bulbs here professional games. That. Rational terror headlights no. There’s. There we see this in the. Hold up when we get back here. You see it others thought had life. Connie yellowish alright let’s do this. So I’m off. We see this is a nice 1.6 litre single overhead cam with chip blue paint. Basically he thing with a knife Claudia’s take off the dust cover yes the dust cover. Then take out the original had like Paul. Junior boys like you rational.
LED Headlight Bulb
I think I am. Is an age old theological ball. Junk. Yeah it’s terrible. Good. Ellie be very good no show that you can involve the base off. Which. You can use now to. The factory I guess gasket or whatever yeah also install the bigs into that let housing. So. Mmhm. We felt that we can cut anything out here. Okay. Bases that. I guess we will need to cutting out here too quick on. Gonna draw faces then back gone with the dust cover. Dust covers on. I installed a hotly. Terrain so we don’t know is if it goes up or down give input on this page. Just spin around him to pick it up out there are. Bob’s right in that city.

It’s simple. Super simple headlights and led tail light bulbs Plug it in plug it then. You’re good to go. That is simple as that focus and forget it set it and forget it now available to the other side. Also I think a lot more difficult as you be a little difficult. To go the power steering reservoir move the into. You know that’s what they’re. The same thing on the side. Take off the dust cover. Remove the factory headlight. There’s the factory bulb as you can see this junk below its job right now but it’s terrible it’s yellow. So. Because doing that let’s show the. Recent additions here. Wrote a flip streams. 15 by 6.5. We don’t need no help a large sheet on this because this is actual proper equipment. We don’t need things Mexico hoping out of the fender.

Is it proper fitment law because that’s. Yeah. The only Mexico stuff. You could maybe use a 5 hour space on the floor. Yeah all. We got him in stock you don’t if you don’t feel like waiting I’m in one way. You wanna wheels on we don’t win around here we just got. Yeah. But. But the. Okay dust covers then. In with the headline. Right Scaevola we will you know what’s going on. Only get things.